Recommended Books

General Book List:

  1. Initiating and Upholding an Islamic Marriage by Hedaya Hartford (foundation for a happy marriage)
  2. Your Islamic Marriage Contract by Hedaya Hartford and Ashraf Muneeb (contract options)
  3. Why Marriages Succeed or Fail by John Gottman (marriage styles and foundation for a happy marriage)
  4. The Divorce Remedy by Michele Weiner-Davis (how to avoid divorce and foundation for a happy marriage)
  5. Seven Principles of Successful Marriages by John Gottman (foundation for a happy marriage)
  6. The Relationship Cure by John Gottman (foundation for a happy marriage)
  7. The Sex Starved Marriage by Michele Weiner-Davis (understanding sex problems)
  8. Getting through to the Man You Love by Michele Weiner Davis (for women)
  9. Stop Arguing Start Talking by Susan Quilliam (resolving conflict)
  10. Emotional Intelligence by Daniel Goleman (communication)
  11. The Surrendered Wife by Laura Doyle (for women, boundaries and self-care)
  12. 10 Stupid Things Women Do to Mess Up Their Lives by Dr Laura Schlessinger
  13. Women Who Love Too Much: When You Keep Wishing and Hoping He’ll Change by Robin Norwood
  14. The Great Divorce by C S Lewis (understand the nafs)
  15. When Anger Hurt, Quieting the Storm Within, 2nd edition by Matthew McKay, Ph.D., Peter D, Rogers, Ph.D., Judith McKay, RN. (for anger and negative self talk)
  16. Three Cups of Tea by Greg Mortenson and David O. Relin (chivalry)
  17. The One Minute Teacher by Constance Johnson (self-help)
  18. Too Good to Leave, Too Bad to Stay: A Step-by-Step Guide to Help You Decide Whether to Stay In or Get Out of Your Relationship by Mira Kirshenbaum (for someone confused about staying or leaving a marriage)
  19. The Unexpected Legacy of Divorce: A 25 year study by Julia M. Lewis, Sandra Blakeslee (consequences for children)
  20. Getting Back Together by Bettie B. Youngs, Masa Goetz, Ph.D., Masa Aiba Goetz, Suzy (settling issues before getting back together)
  21. Not “Just Friends” by Shirley P. Glass, Ph.D. with Jean Coppock Staeheli (how affairs can happen)
  22. Six in the Bed by Nancy Wasserman Cocola (dealing with in-laws)
  23. What Do You Want From Me?: Learning to Get Along with In-Laws by Terri Apter
  24. The Daughter-in-Law Rules by Sally Shields (for women)
  25. The Death of the West by Patrick J. Buchanan (morality)
  26. The Narcissism Epidemic: Living in the Age of Entitlement by Jean M. Twenge Ph.D., W. Keith Campbell Ph.D. (morality)
  27. Generation Me: Why Today’s Young Americans Are More Confident, Assertive, Entitled–and More Miserable Than Ever Before by Jean M. Twenge, Ph.D. (morality)
  28. Why Is It Always About You?: Saving Yourself from the Narcissists in Your Life by Sandy Hotchkiss (morality)
  29. Disarming the Narcissist: Surviving & Thriving With the Self-Absorbed by Wendy T. Behary (morality)
  30. The Beauty Myth by Naomi Wolf (dysfunctional standards)
  31. The Secret Psychology of How We Fall in Love by Paul Dobransky, M.D. (what’s needed in levels of maturity for a successful marriage)
  32. The Richest Man in Babylon by George S. Clason (managing finance and morals)
  33. Toxic Parents by Susan Forward, Ph.D. with Craig Buck
  34. Affluenza by Oliver James (‘affluenza’ is the obsessive, envious, keeping-up-with-the-Joneses that has resulted in huge increase in depression and anxiety)
  35. You Are Not Your Brain by Jeffrey M. Schwartz, M.D. and Rebecca Gladding, M.D. (for changing bad habits, ending unhealthy thinking/self talk)
  36. The Relationship Cure by John M. Gottman, Ph.D. and Joan DeClaire (better communication)