Your Islamic Marriage Contract

This book is an explanation of various types of valid contracts made convenient. The contracts have been certified by Shaykh Hassan Al-Hindi of Damascus. They should be torn out and used as they are, since a change in the wording of the Type 2, Type 3, or Type 4 contract may cause the stipulations to be nullified.

A vast amount of useful information regarding the legal measures of the marriage contract. Along with sincere advice on taking protective measures on having a written contract, and registering it legally according to the country of state is explained.
Finally, each contract, after its explanation is presented in one Arabic and 3 English fonts, providing a variety of originals for the bride and groom.
Perfect for anyone planning to be married, already married, or for mosques and Islamic Centers. Nothing of its kind has ever been written in English.

“In their valuable and long overdue volume, Your Islamic Marriage Contract, Hedaya Hartford and Ashraf Muneeb address one of the greatest problems plaguing Muslims in the West; the lack of adequate, standardized wedding contracts. This problem leads to grave consequences including invalid divorces and marriages. By presenting the reader with a number of variously formatted forms, all written in consultation with one of the Muslim World’s leading jurist consults, Hartford and Muneeb go a long way in addressing such problems. This book will prove an indispensable aid to Imams and community leaders in America and elsewhere in the West.” – Imam Zaid Shakir



  • Introduction
  • Getting Married Using This Booklet
  • The Integrals of a Marriage Contract The Spoken Contract The Witnesses The Wali The Mahr Kaf’
  • An Explaination of Each Contract 19
  • Sample Contracts 23
  • Contracts
    Type 1A 31 Type 1B 41 Type 2A 51 Type 2B 61 Type 3A 71 Type 3B 81 Type 4A 91 Type 4B 101
  • Bibliography 111


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