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Homemaker, Seattle, USA

“I would recommend this course because it really helps you to learn more about yourself and also about successfully dealing with others, especially your current or potential spouse. Alhamdulillah, Ustadha Hedaya is forthright and doesn’t mince words; and also I liked how she kept the classes very relevant and interesting.”



Student, Amman, Jordan

“This course was beneficial in many ways. Most importantly, it gave me an understanding of the fiqh of marriage and divorce, which is personally obligatory knowledge for those who desire to get married one day and for those who are already married. After this class I have a better understanding of the roles of each partner in a marriage, what one should bring to a marriage, and what one should leave behind. I left the class understanding how important marriage is to fulfilling the Sunnah and how much work and effort is required to make a marriage work so that we can be pleasing to Allah in our marriages. Before the class, little did I realize that a marriage is a way to worship Allah, and can be a means of drawing nearer to Him. This course is a must for everyone who wants to get married and those who are already married.”



Statistician, Bellevue, USA

“I would recommend this course as it teaches us knowledge that is obligatory if we want to marry or we are already married…MashaAllah the instructor had a deep knowledge of the material and could relate the material to students coming from all the many different cultural backgrounds.”



Executive, Lynnwood, USA

“It is important to be prepared for something as life changing as marriage. It is not always easy and you create a better future for yourself, your spouse, your children and families by understanding what your rights and responsibilities are. Ustada Hedaya is a great source of knowledge on the subject. I was impressed with the fact that the teacher was also a convert from the US. Her knowledge was inspiring. I was impressed with the fact that the teacher was also a convert from the US. Her knowledge was inspiring.”



Business Owner, USA

““I would recommend this particular course to others because those like myself who have studied fiqh, spirituality & Arabic can truly benefit from the practical knowledge of learning how to successfully live with your spouse. Everything you have learned from those valuable subjects were used to assess questions & solutions to having a psychologically and spiritually healthy
home. This class is for anyone who may be struggling with peace in the home, or who are living in marital comfort, both marriages will only gain perspective on the larger picture at hand & how to recognize bad behavior, to God willing gain a righteous outlook.”



Amman, Jordan

“Umm al Khayr quite literally saved the life of someone near and dear to me, by patiently untangling the threads the shaytan had tied him up in, and then still more patiently and compassionately showing me the other ends of those threads that I was holding in my hands, and helped me to begin to release them. We are so blessed by this provision from Allah, and must beg Him continually to increase our gratitude and protect us from ourselves. And may He protect and keep her, for this work she does is not without its hazards.”



Project Manager, New Jersey, USA

“I love Ustadha Hedaya, masha’Allah she’s so knowledgeable. I love the pace she teaches her lessons, without going into tangents.”



Student, Damascus, Syria

“I  think everyone should take this course, whether they are single, married,  divorced, or not looking to get married. There is a lot of self-discovery in this class, and I found it to be more than a lecture about remembering to be a good spouse and its rewards. Rather, she gives you insight of why one reacts the way he/she does and how that can cause potential harm in a marriage. She also teaches one the different perspectives women and men share concerning love and how this can affect the stability of a marriage. She has an amazing outlook about life and her love for Islam is solid. She’s just so practical in her
advice that it makes you wonder why you are being so impractical. Word to the wise for those wondering, she’s not a feminist or a woman-hater; she is the middle way and the middle way is the way of our deen. I’ve found her to be one of those people that you meet in life who you wish everyone could hear what they have to say.”



Student, Melbourne, Australia

“I love and admire Ustadha Hedaya, she is doing a great service for the community.”



Medical Student, Owings Mills, USA

“The course was taught in an excellent manner where the Ustadha took time to go over the important
concepts and ensured that all the students understood.”



Business Owner

“Having Ustadha Hedaya…instruct the class has been a life changing experience for me in my relation to Allah’s commandments and my daily life. (She was) very detailed and very compassionate to the students when it comes to understanding the material.”



Student/ Disability Support Worker, Sydney, Australia

“I would recommend this particular course to others because marriage is the completion of half our deen. Thus, it is an obligation for those wishing to get married to learn all the neccesary things for a blessed marriage. And this course is a fantastic way to learn all these neccesary things and ask all the questions you’ve been meaning to ask for years.”



Analyst, Mississauga, Canada

“I would recommend this particular course to others because of the knowledge of the teacher, the ease of use of the live session player and the necessity of the course content within our lives. The teacher was very knowledgeable about both the fiqh aspects of marriage and the secular knowledge related to it, and that relayed to us the spirit we should have within our marriage. The TA was sitting beside the instructor during the live sessions and would often ask her questions during the session and that added another beneficial dimension to the live sessions.”



Pharmacist, Canton, USA

“Ustadha Hedaya is the most knowledgable person I have met who knows mashaAllah so much
about the Hanafi fiqh of menstruation. She explained the concepts in detail and
gave excellent examples.”



Systems Engineer, Bristol, UK

“Ustadha Hedaya Hartford has been a superb teacher. She has made this course interesting,
she has provided a wealth of examples in the classes, lots of reading material,
quizes, and discussions.”



Healthcare Worker, Toronto, Canada

“I would recommend this particular course to others because knowledge in this course helps people operationally develop their own lives according to to the Sunnah. You don’t need to be married (or seeking marriage) to benefit from the character development skills taught throughout the course.”

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